The famous Island Winds is located in the cultural heartbeat of the West of Ireland. The property’s stunning location in Killala, Co. Mayo sees it surrounded by various national attractions making it the ideal place to book a stay and avail of the self-catering Co. Mayo offers.

This exquisite two-storey accommodation is nestled at the forefront of the beautiful Killala Bay offering visitors breath-taking views and the opportunity to soak up the historic nature of the Killala area.

Picturesque Ceide Fields MayoThe nearby attraction of the Ceide Fields offers guests the chance to immerse themselves in the world’s oldest Neolithic landscape that spans 5,550 years.

A stroll around the accompanying Award Winning visitor centre provides people with the opportunity to learn about the incredible backstory of the stone-age monument, and its vast terrain of fields that withhold secrets of the past five millennia.

Just a brief walk from the Island Winds will bring you to the famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Killala which also presents the history of the firm Catholic strong-hold in the west of Ireland down through the ages. The cathedral is said to have been founded by St. Patrick himself and is ultimately regarded as one of the most intriguing cathedrals in the country due to its curious souterrains (underground tunnels) that date back to the years of 434 and 441.

Moyne Abbey, Mayo.A short drive further west leads onto the stunning sight of the three abbeys: Moyne, Rosserk and Rathfran. These trio of ruins are considered the most important ecclestical ruins in the entire county and present visitors with chance to inspect the architectural remains of a once thriving monastery. Moyne Abbey, in particular, offers an incredible testament and insight into gothic style architecture that merited it as a national monument.

Killala’s proud history extends beyond religion however, and it was home to French army troops in 1798 when – led by General Humbert – they arrived to aid Ireland’s fight for Independence against the British. The village of Killala and surrounding areas were liberated of British rule for a period of time before the British engulfed the country with droves of militia and eventually defeated Humbert and his troops in the Irish midlands. A stroll from the spacious Island Winds self-catering premises will bring you along the roads & byroads where famous TV series The Year of the French, based on the aforementioned battle, was filmed.

Amongst all the local and historical sights, the Killala area holds a prestigious place on the world-famous Wild Atlantic Way along the western seaboard. The truly special location of the two storey detached house on offer at Island Winds presents adventure-inclined visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the nearby water, whether it’s going on a fishing trip, or just for a paddle! The accompanying Ross beach is one of few internationally recognised Blue Flag beaches in Europe.

If you fancy going further afield, the attractions of nearby areas are plentiful. Enniscoe House in Ballina, the Foxford Woolen Mills, and various heritage centres all give visitors the chance to revel in the dazzling beauty of Co. Mayo.

There are also a number of cosy pubs and restaurants nearby where one can sample some locally-sourced cuisine and enjoy the company of the friendly locals. All amenities and more are just a stone’s throw from the serene setting of the Islands Winds self-catering accommodation, located in the panoramic Killala, Co Mayo.


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